I Work For Giraffes

I help creators Amplify Their Authorship creating low to mid content books using minimal graphic design and the Amazon KDP Self-Publishing platform. I provide guidance through the process making it easy to get started.I dabble with Merch Marketing using mockups, video and other assorted tools, creating IRL and digital assets both helping you promote your message!I offer a special utility for all Giraffe owners.
FREE Custom Design Book & TShirt Package. Reach out for details~

I'm active in the Gary Club on Discord, my user name is Vicki#6501. I do not accept DM's on Discord and advise you to do the same until you know better. If you are not on Discord, please connect through email or visit my Laptop Lyfe page on facebook and send me a DM.Some links are affiliate links meaning I may receive a royalty or benefit for referring your business.